Sperm Count Test Kits

Many men suffer from poor sperm count and/or poor quality sperm, but are blissfully unaware. One of our sperm count home test kits will give feedback on the volume, motility and concentration of your sperm with complete privacy. In some cases you can then get results on your smartphone.

Why Use A Sperm Count Home Test?

A low sperm count is judged to be when you have fewer that 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen. If there are also problems with sperm quality, then it can be harder to conceive and is a factor in 1 in 3 couples who struggle to get pregnant. A home sperm count can help alert you if this is a problem as there are things you can do to treat a low sperm count. 

Who Should Use A Sperm Count Home Test?

If you have been trying to conceive for at least a year it would be a good idea to get your sperm count and quality of sperm checked to see if this is the problem. Many of these tests allow you to collect the sample at home and perform the test at home with results available from as quick as 15 minutes.

What Do You Get In A Sperm Count Home Test?

Depending on the test provider you will usually get a collecting cup, syringe, test slide and device for reading results. 

What Does A Sperm Count Home Test Do?

We would recommend buying a test that measures more than just sperm count. Many will now give you readings relating to number of sperm but also motility.  Again, what each test does will vary but ideally you are looking for a test that tells you how many sperm you have per millilitre of semen and then what your sperms motility is like-this is how good their forward motion is which is crucial in enabling them to reach the egg for conception. Some tests allow you to read the results (like a pregnancy test) others are provided as aps and even let you see your sperm in action. 

One test provider we found also gave you a 15-minute call with a fertility expert as well as two tests. Two tests provided is also quite important as your sperm count can change according to when you test.