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Last changed: 14/12/2022

Liver Function Test Kits

Ensuring you have a healthy liver is vital for a range of body functions. Using a Liver home test kit can help you spot whether you have an inflamed liver due to diet or alcohol.

Why Use A Self Test Kit for Liver Function?

In short, the Liver Function home testing kit gives you the chance to see whether you have any issues with your liver that could be more serious. Tests often look at enzymes, globulin and proteins to check it’s as healthy as should be.

Who Should Take A Liver Home Test?

You should consider a test if you have a family history of liver disease, you are or have been drinking heavily, you are taking medication that may harm your liver or you have a history of gastrointestinal disease. 

You may also want to consider a home test if you are obese, have diabetes and also high blood pressure.

What Do You Get?

Look for test kits that offer :

  • Finger prick test
  • Lab analysis
  • Quick turnaround
  • Report and results

The collection method is usually blood from a finger prick. Most tests will ask you to fast before taking your sample. You normally receive results between 2 to 5 days depending on your test provider.

What Does A Liver Health Blood Test Do?

A liver health test will check for biomarkers in your blood which will help determine how your liver is performing. 

First, your liver proteins will be tested - total protein, albumin and globulin. Albumin helps to transport nutrients and hormones around the body and globulin helps your blood  clot and fight infection. Total protein simply means your protein levels combined. Bilirubin will also be tested, this is a waste product from the breakdown of red blood cells, a high count of bilirubin can indicate liver and gallbladder problems.  

Finally, we have liver enzymes - alkaline phosphatase (ALP), gamma GT and alanine transferase (ALT), ALP and ALT help break down proteins in the body.