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Last changed: 05/12/2022

Home Drug Test Kits

Whether you are trying to get clean from drugs or you are contractually obliged by your employer to take a drugs test, a home drugs test can provide you with a quick, safe and reliable result.

Why Use A Home Drugs Test?

There are two key types of drug test kits on the market, those that use a urine sample and provide results within minutes and others that require a blood sample that you send away. These tests can all be used by individuals to show what drugs are or are not in their system. This can be useful if you are trying to get off drugs to prove that you are clean. Some employers may contractually also require you to take a drugs test as part of your job.

Who Should Use A Home Drugs Test?

You may want to take a test if you are trying to get off drugs or you may be required to take a test by your employer. The types of employment roles that traditionally require this include airline pilots, armed forces, police and medical practitioners. These tests are not diagnoses tests and many test providers do not advise they are used by people under the age of 18.

What’s In A Home Testing Drugs Kit?


Urine sample results at home tests

The kit will include a testing cassette and all you need to collect your sample. Results are usually available within around 5 minutes. Most tests like this test for amphetamines, benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana, methadone and opiates.

Blood sample tests that are sent away

These tests require a blood sample. The kits will include lancets to collect the blood and a blood spot card. Many of these tests test for the same drugs as listed above but they will, in addition, test for other substances including medications like fentanyl and tramadol which are both painkillers. Results are usually available within 3 to 4 days.

What Does A Home Drugs Test Do?


Urine sample, results at home tests

After you take drugs, your body will get rid of the chemicals contained in them. One way they do this is to flush these chemicals out in your urine. By using strips supplied you will see a biochemical reaction with your urine which measures the concentration of drug metabolites in your sample.

Blood sample tests that are sent away

Your sample is analysed in the laboratory for all drugs and medications listed. Drugs that have been taken will show up in the analysis of your blood up to 48 hours after you took them. Results will tell you if any drugs or medications were present in your blood and in what concentrations.