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Last changed: 06/12/2022

Health & Medical Test Kits

With a wide range of home health and medical test kits on the market, you can use to really find out how healthy you are, whether you have good gut health or even diabetes - all from the comfort of your own home. 

Whether you want an overall picture of your health or you want to examine a specific area of concern there are a vast range of tests on the market. We have included here some of the most popular.

+ Blood tests

+ Liver Health Tests

+ CRP health test

+ Immune health test

+ Thyroid health test

+ Bowel health test

+ Prostate health test

+ Cholesterol health test

+ Diabetes health test

+ Gut health test

+ Vitamin/mineral deficiency health test

General Health Blood Test

Tests like these use the blood sample you provide-usually a simple finger prick of blood and measure your levels of essential vitamins and minerals. They will also check for thyroid and liver function, heart health, diabetes risk, any inflammation present and cortisol levels. Results are usually checked over by a medical professional. The benefit of tests like these is they enable you to then discus the results with your doctor if needed and make any changes that could have an impact on your future health in this way you can proactively take control of your own health. It may be that you need to exercise more or eat a different diet for example. An example is if your blood indicates that you have low levels of vitamin D which can affect energy levels, this could then be put right with supplements or changing your diet. When selecting a test provider here you may want to look at one that offers a subscription service so that you can see if any changes you make do improve your health and wellbeing.

Specific Health Home Tests

Tests like these are not looking at your overall health, rather they look at a specific area. Tests here include; liver test, CRP test, bowel health test, prostate health, cholesterol level, diabetes, gut health and nutrient deficiency.

Liver Test

A home liver test will check to see if your liver is healthy. -the biomarkers associated with liver function are usually checked including alanine aminotransferase, albumin and total protein. The liver is a vital organ involved in a huge number of bodily functions including fighting infection and detoxification. Test results can detect damage to your liver often cause by a poor diet or excessive alcohol consumption. If problems are detected, then you can make changes to what you eat and drink to improve the health of your liver.

CRP test

CRP stands for C reactive protein and is a major marker for inflammation in the body. It can be caused by a variety of conditions and can indicate that there is inflammation in the arteries which could cause a heart attack. The type of CRP tests you can buy to activate at home are usually nonspecific tests so a high CRP result will indicate inflammation, but your doctor may then consider it necessary to order further tests.

Immune Health Test

Our immune system is vital to our wellbeing as it protects us from infection, viruses and disease. A blood sample will allow test providers to look at certain biomarkers to assess how healthy your immune system actually is. Biomarkers include ferritin, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and also measurements of your white and red blood cells. 

Thyroid Health Test

The thyroid gland makes two hormones that are secreted into the blood-thyroxine and triiodothyronine, both these hormones are vital for the cells in your body to work normally. The thyroid can go wrong and be underactive or overactive. A result is that your cells will either work too fast or too slow which can affect your energy, mood and weight. The thyroid home test kit can be useful for anyone who has symptoms of this or a family history of thyroid disease. Your blood sample is tested for the thyroid stimulation hormone, FT4 Free Thyroxine and FT3 Free Triiodothyronine.

Bowel Health Test

Many of the bowel health test kits will rely on a small faeces sample to detect early signs of bowel cancer. The test will be looking for blood in the sample which can indicate colon polyps. In 95% of bowel cancer cases the cancer was the result of these polyps that grow in the colon. So, taking this test can means you detect a cancer early as the polys can then be removed to stop them becoming cancerous. Many of these tests do not need to be sent away but can be performed at home. If you have any concerns over this test or your bowel health do consult your doctor.

Prostate Health Test

The prostate is a walnut shaped gland that is part of the male reproductive system. Its main function is to produce a fluid that goes into semen. Many prostate health checks on the market look at the levels of PSA-Prostate specific antigen in the blood, high levels of PSA can indicate that the gland is enlarged and could be an indication of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men over 50. Taking this test can help with early treatment of the disease. If you have any concerns about your prostate, then always speak to your GP.

Cholesterol Health Test

Home cholesterol tests look at the amount of fat in your blood. Biomarkers include triglycerides, the most common form of fats in the body, HDL-high density lipoprotein otherwise known as the good cholesterol as it helps transport ‘bad cholesterol’ to your liver. Most tests will look at how much HDL you have as a % of cholesterol alongside the amount of LDL- low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol that you have. If you have high cholesterol levels then you could be at risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke. People who take this test may have a family history of heart disease or may be overweight or obese. If you have any concerns about your cholesterol, then do consult your GP.

Diabetes Home Health Test

Diabetes is a condition where your blood glucose level becomes too high. There are two types of diabetes-type 1 and type 2. Homes tests for diabetes look at the % of haemoglobin A1c-the glycated haemoglobin the blood. Glycated haemoglobin is red blood cells that have glucose attached to them. Depending on the levels you have the test can predict if you have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes. Doing the test can be useful if you want to know how well your diabetes is being managed or if you want to know your risk of developing diabetes.

Gut Health Test

If you suffer from symptoms which include bloating, constipation, flatulence then a home gut test could discover what the problem is. Many tests like these are not available on the NHS. A stool test will be analysed for bacteria, yeasts, parasites and various other biomarkers. The results from your test can then be used to improve your diet and ultimately your gut health.

Nutrient Deficiency

If we are consuming a good balanced diet, we should get all the minerals and vitamins that we need. But in practise it is common to be deficient in vitamins like vitamin D and B12 and to be low on any number of minerals including iron, magnesium and zinc. This can be due to our dietary preferences like being vegan or if we are stressed or play a lot of sport, our bodies can easily become depleted. The only clues we get are often symptoms like tiredness, or dry skin. The problem however is then understanding exactly what you are deficient in. By completing a full vitamin deficiency test you can fully understand what you are lacking and either look at supplements or amend your diet.