Herpes Home Test Kits

Herpes is a very common but highly infectious virus transmitted by contact with an active sore. But as 60% of people don’t know they are infected then a test is the only way you will know for sure. Once caught the herpes virus will stay in the body forever but if left untreated there are increased risk of getting other STI’s, including HIV.

Why Use A Herpes Home Test?

Herpes is caused by two viruses-herpes simplex virus type 1(HSV-1) and herpes simplex virus type 2(HSV-2). HSV-1 is oral herpes and results in blisters around the mouth, HSV-2 or genital herpes results in sores around the genitals or rectum. The problem is that both oral and genital herpes often give no symptoms or symptoms that are so mild they either don’t register with the patient or they are mistaken for another infection. A test is the only way you can know for sure you have herpes and can then receive treatment.

Who Should Take A Herpes Home Test?

You may have symptoms which include unusual blisters around the mouth, genitals and/or anus, a rash on the genitals or anus and flu like symptoms. However, you may have no symptoms. Research suggests that only 1 in 3 people with herpes have symptoms. So do get tested if you have had sex with someone who has herpes, you frequently change your sex partners or/and you have unprotected sex.

What Do You Get In A Herpes Home Test?

Most test will rely on taking a blood sample which is a finger prick. If there was a sexual event that has led you to believe you have herpes, then you should wait 12 weeks before taking the test. In these kits you will find lancets for effective finger pricking. Other tests may ask for a urine sample or they may be a swab test where you will be supplied with a PCR swab.

What Does a Herpes Home Test Do?

If you are asked for a blood sample, then your blood will be tested to find if it contains HSV-1 and HSV-2 antibodies. If you have the antibodies, then you have herpes, and the antibodies will remain in your system for life.

The swab test is often recommended for those people who have a blister or lesion. The PCR swab will also be tested for the presence of the virus. Most test providers will give you results in 2-5 working days.