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Last changed: 12/12/2022

DNA Self Test Kits

Easy and quick to order for home use. DNA self test kits can be found for a wide range of uses including fitness, medical, paternity and of course ancestry. A quick swab and postal return and the results are receveived back in around 2 weeks.

DNA testing, up until a few years ago, was used only by elite athletes or by the courts in determining paternity issues. Now it is possible to use home DNA test kits to explore your heritage and ethnicity, your health, the best diet and fitness programmes and you can even get your dog a DNA test.

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Ancestry DNA Tests

Ancestry tests are well established on the market. By providing a cheek swab many will enable you to unearth your ethnic origins. But ancestry testing has moved on now and depending on which test you buy many will allow you to build online family trees and even connect you with long lost relatives. Ancestry DNA kits have now become popular gifts for people. If genealogy also really becomes your thing some test providers will also connect you to birth and death records and even supply you with expert help.

Health DNA Test

Health DNA tests are now a highly competitive market and you will find plenty of different providers to choose from. Some will provide you with a small number of health reports, others will provide you with up to 500 reports on your disease risks, carrier conditions, even your brain health and chances of developing dementia. For many people these tests are a way of taking control of their health in a very proactive way, or it may be that there is a family history of health issues and you want to see how they affect you. It is important to remember here that no test will be able to tell you for sure that you will definitely get a health condition or disease as environmental factors can also play a part. You may also want to consider how much you actually want to know. Many tests simply ask for a saliva swab and results are available online.

Paternity & Relationship DNA Testing

Paternity testing is one of the oldest reasons DNA testing was established. If you want a paternity test do remember that if you require one for legal reasons then a home test will not suffice. You will instead need to look for what is called a legal paternity test which will allow the results to be legally approved. But on the market now you will also find a range of tests relating to relationships including siblings, twins, grand parentage, aunts and uncle, mitochondrial-a way of finding out if you share a common maternal ancestor, y chromosome test-popular with males who want to discover if they share the same biological father and maternity tests.

Diet & Fitness DNA Tests

These tests analyse your DNA and then suggest what the best diet is for you and also which type of workout programmes best suit your DNA profile. Some test providers will provide you with access to personal trainers, personalised diet plans and also suggest which injuries you could be prone to based on your DNA. So, if you have been working hard at the gym and seeing poor results it could well be because you are doing the wrong exercises based on your DNA. Some tests also look at your DNA in relation to sleep and stress, both areas which can affect our fitness and diet. None of these tests will guarantee that you will lose weight but if you want to get really fit and eat a healthy diet you might want to consider consulting your DNA.

Pet DNA Tests

There are many pet DNA tests on the market, but it is in the field of dog DNA testing that most research has been carried out. You can test your dog’s DNA for their breed, which can be useful for breeders, but also if you are unsure of your dog’s breed. Knowing your dogs breed can also alert you to health conditions particular to that breed. Your dog’s DNA can also be tested for its predisposition to certain health issues, which allows you to take proactive control over their health. Some tests will also enable you to find your dog’s relatives.