About SelfTestKits.com

Why did we create SelfTestKits.com and why should you be using us to source the tests you want for home use. Simple and easy questions we've answered below.

Based in the South West of England, SelfTestKits.com provides an objective overview of a wide range of home testing kits available online. From blood prick tests through to saliva tests, a kit can be used for everything from DNA through to testing for STD's or medical issues.

Our website is 100% free for you to use. However, we may receive a commission from some of the companies we link to on the site.

How We Make Money

Servers, research and editors all cost money. Just like other online comparison sites, we make money from companies and providers that we have a financial partnership with. Typically this is when you click a button to go through to a 3rd party website and purchase a test kit.

We try to be objective as possible by not ranking commercial partnerships above non-commercial ones. This means you can feel assured we are not bias to one or more companies.

Although our comparisons may be ordered by our commercial agreements, you can reorder them by unticking the affiliated tick box or changing the sort by options above the table.

Other providers also pay to advertise on our site, feature in emails, guides or on our social media channels.