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Last changed: 19/12/2022

Pet DNA Test Kits

DNA testing for ancestry, health and medical matters is now well established. But Pet DNA testing, particularly dog DNA testing, has become a far more advanced and accepted test. Popular tests include dog breed identification, dog and cat disease identification and avian sexing.

Why Use Pet Home DNA Test Kits?

The main pet DNA tests on the market focus on dogs, cats, horses and avian testing. The benefits are in determining breeds, sex testing in birds which can be difficult without DNA and identifying pet siblings and parents. Dog DNA testing is the most established and is hugely beneficial to dog owners who want to establish the breed of the dog which in turn helps in training and identifying possible future health issues.

Who Should Use A Home Pet DNA Test?

Pet owners will find pet DNA testing helpful, tests are now available to help determine dog breeds, allergies in dogs, cats and horses, genetic diseases, horse parentage, PKD testing in cats and avian sexing. Breeders can also use DNA testing so that you can be sure when you purchase a pet that it has no inherited diseases, and you are sure of the breed you are purchasing.

What’s In A Pet Home DNA Test?

Most pet testing depends on obtaining a swab sample. Full instructions will be provided on how to do this. For avian sexing, feathers samples will be required.

What Does A Pet DNA Test Do?

As there are so many different tests on the market, we have focussed here on one of the most popular-the dog breed identification test. Most providers will take the DNA sample and identify genetic markers which are then compared to breed databases. Most providers will then be able to tell you what the dominant breed of your dog is. Many will then provide you with information about traits and behaviour. It is worth bearing this in mind when you select a test provider, that in this market the larger the database then the more accurate your results will be. 

The market leader for example tests your dog’s DNA against 350 + breeds and offers a 1% breed reporting precision-in this sense size of database is crucial.