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Types of DNA Tests

The home DNA market has expanded hugely over the past few years as the science behind DNA has become better understood. Here we examine what tests are available to you at home and how you can find out more.

The range of DNA tests available for the home market has increased hugely. Years ago, it was mainly paternity tests for use in the law courts and ancestry tests which told you more about your ethnic origins and family trees. Now there are a vast array of tests available from testing your dog to understand what breed it is to finding out what the chances are of you developing certain diseases  in the future.


Ancestry Tests

Ancestry testing is one of the original home tests that was available, but the science has certainly evolved and the information available has become more detailed and sophisticated. Now many test providers say they can pinpoint your ethnic origins and also create online family trees and also link you to others on the database that you share DNA with. 

Some test providers will also supply you with other documentation, like birth and death records, to research your family in more detail.

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Fitness DNA Tests

Years ago, fitness testing was the domain of the elite sportsperson, now fitness testing is available to you, in your own home. DNA can help determine what type of exercise is best for you which could help you to maximise how you work out. Additionally, you can also supplement these with tests that will reveal what you should be eating based on your DNA.  For example your DNA will reveal how you process carbs which could help you to lose weight. Many test providers will also provide you with menu plans and link in with supermarkets to help guide you as to what foods you should be buying.

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Paternity Tests

Paternity tests have been around for a long time but tended to be only those used in law courts to establish paternity for legal reasons. Now you can carry out the test at home although if you do the results won’t be accepted in a court of law. In addition to paternity you can also have tests to establish aunts and uncles, grandparents and also siblings. Some test providers offer very quick turnaround times, many expediting results in 24 hours.

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Pet DNA tests

There is now a wide choice of pet testing available although the majority tend to focus on dogs. There is clearly a huge benefit here for breeders who can check on the purity of their dogs but also for many dog owners there is the chance to determine your dogs general health and what diseases they could be susceptible to in the future. Some companies are also offering tests on horses and some are offering more basic tests on cats. This is definitely becoming a popular market. 

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Health Tests

Health testing has become hugely popular in recent years as the science behind DNA has evolved. You can discover your chances of developing certain diseases so that in many cases you can take positive action to change your living and eating habits. Many test providers are keen to point out that no DNA test will confirm that you will definitely get a disease as other factors come into play like your environment and economic and social factors. But these tests can help you to make positive changes in your life. You are also frequently counselled to consult with your GP if you are considering taking one of these tests particularly if you have a family history of certain diseases.

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